5 Reasons Your Dog Still Pulls When Walking on a Leash


If your dog hasn’t mastered a relaxed walk at your side, you may have made one of these five mistakes.

One of the most common reasons dog owners contact trainers is for help with walking their dogs on leash. Dogs pull for a variety of reasons — one being the fact that they have two more legs than we do. They are not pulling in some bizarro canine attempt to dominate you (please do your dog a favor and Google “dominance theory debunked”). They often pull because the human has not sufficiently or clearly communicated how he wants the dog to behave on leash. Some dogs pull and lunge, bark and growl at oncoming dogs, and that is a behavioral issue and not an obedience issue.

I want to address those dogs who yank their owners down the street in their eagerness to walk. Here are the top five reasons your dog may not have mastered a relaxed, on-leash walk with you:

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