Are Petco’s Dog Training Methods Outdated?

Little Sophia Belle. Image courtesy of the Sophia Belle Memorial Page on Facebook.

Recently there’s been rumbling online regarding the death of a young English Bulldog in a Petco dog training class, and it’s getting hard to ignore the noise — though Petco is doing its corporate best to do just that.

The facts are that Michele Moccia and Michael DiMaggio took their dog, Sophia Belle, to a puppy class at their local Petco and came home without her that evening, because she died during the class. The owners are sure one thing happened to their beloved pet, and Petco wants you to believe another thing. Either way, there is a dead dog, and she died while participating in a class at a large corporation that makes its money from pets. It needs to be looked into, so I decided to see what I could learn about it myself, especially because I am a dog trainer and the event happened during a training class.

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