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Finding Joy Again with Your Reactive Dog

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Certified Behaviourist and best-selling author Annie Phenix has created a unique 30-day Joy Reclamation Project (™) for any owner (or trainer) who has experienced frustration, grief, despair and emotional pain watching your loved dog unable to happily cope in their environment. This course contains the most current methods canine professionals use to provide RELIEF for triggers in a dog’s environment that result in anxiety, fear, avoidance or aggression in our dogs.

Annie has based her 30-day program on her success raising her two sensitive Border Collie-Cattle Dog siblings who suffered a severe early traumatic life when they were removed from their mother at 5 weeks of age and thrown in a backyard to fend for themselves. Such an early traumatic experience can and often does have lifelong repercussions for a dog as they NEED to be with their mother until at the very least 8 weeks of age. Annie uses the wisdom of this 30-day program to reset her dog’s emotional state and today they are the happiest dogs she has ever shared her life with. Annie shares videos of their progress and gives day-by-day expert advice that will help ANY dog.

Even if your dog is currently well-adjusted, the steps in this ground-breaking program will build confidence, trust, resiliency and add JOY for your dog’s entire life.

This is a four-hour course that is divided into four, one week segments.

Cost: $100 $49 (You can preview the first week for free!)