Dogster.com Talks to Trainer Annie Phenix About Her New Book, ‘The Midnight Dog Walkers’

Her easy-to-use guide teaches pet parents of reactive or aggressive dogs how to use positive reinforcement training.

Annie Phenix has always loved animals, but it wasn’™t until her senior year of college that she finally got one of her own ‘” a Rottweiler named Wylie. Between a full course load and working three jobs, Annie admits that Wylie didn’™t get the training he needed (or deserved). She used a prong collar on him, even though she hated it, because Annie didn’™t know of any other options back then, and he was a little wild, to say the least.

After attending a Schutzhund-based dog training academy and learning how to ‘œproperly’ shock a dog using a shock collar, she never used that tool again, and became a ‘œbetter trained and better educated trainer.’ …

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