How I Helped a Labrador Puppy Overcome His Fear of Human Touch

A rough start in life had one Lab puppy lashing out at his brother and cringing from human touch. Here’s how I helped.

I often feel sorry for dogs, even those living in the lap of luxury. One reason I do is because dogs are masters of human communication, both in how we communicate with each other and how we communicate with them. Human beings, for the most part, have very little clue what dogs are saying with their unique body language.

Canine communication can be extremely subtle and fast. It’s only been in the past decade or so that behaviorists and researchers have been actively studying it. Because dogs are the magnificent creatures that they are, many of us forget that they are, in fact, a separate species with completely different communication styles. Dogs have all but mastered us, but humans lag far behind in understanding them and they suffer for it.

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