How High-Spirited Toby, Returned to Rescue 20 Times, Got a Forever Home


 The rambunctious, intelligent terrier needed the right person and the right trainer. Here’s how we helped Toby.

Sarah Stiles, director of A Soft Place to Land dog rescue, tossed and turned every night for two years, asking herself the same question: “What are we going to do about Toby?”

Toby is a 6-year-old mischief-maker of a dog. He looks just like a rare Decker Terrier. Think of a stout, tri-color Doberman on steroids, and that’s Toby. Sarah did not worry about his fate after he was returned to her from his first foster home for being “impossible,” nor the second home for being “difficult,” nor the third for being “a troublemaker.” But it was a huge concern after the 20th time Toby was returned. Sarah began to wonder if she’d ever find the perfect home for the smartest dog she’s ever known …

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