How I Used Body Language to Teach a Jumping Dog to Sit and Stay


Jelly loved to jump up and say hello. By watching her body language during training, I was able to figure out how to keep her paws on the ground.

It never ceases to amaze me how often, how quickly, and sometimes how subtly dogs communicate with us. During just about every consultation, I see the dog screaming in canine body language to have his needs and wants attended to, including asking for help to relieve the strong emotion of fear. Owners confound trainers when they report that “the dog bit all of the sudden and out of nowhere.”


Here’s a photo of my dad and step mom’s Dachshund Bitsy, who is showing subtle signs of discomfort with my pointing a camera at her. Do you see the signs? She has a “whale eye” and a front paw lifted, and she is looking to her owner for support and guidance. (Photo by Annie Phenix)

Nowhere? Really? He didn’t give any of the many “I am uncomfortable” canine signals? These signs can include:

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