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Work with award-winning author and trainer Annie Phenix. She helps with all behavioral concerns and never uses force, fear, pain, or intimidation.

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Finding Joy Again with Your Reactive Dog 

Certified Behaviourist & best-selling author Annie Phenix has created a unique 30-day Joy Reclamation Project™ about the most current methods to provide RELIEF for factors in a dog’s environment that trigger anxiety, fear, avoidance, or reactivity.

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How to Choose a Professional Dog Trainer

The dog training industry in the United States is unregulated, and you don’t want your dog to suffer at the hands of an untrained, unqualified dog trainer. This presentation walks you through choosing the safest, best-qualified professional.

So You Want to Publish a Book

A book not only helps dog owners with their dog, it gets the word out about your unique skill set and it provides you a quality product to offer. This course walks you through publishing options and includes marketing information.