Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography
Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography
PLEASE NOTE: My hourly rate for puppy enrichment and/or obedience training is $150 an hour. Behavior packages are required for complex behavior issues so that I can set you and your dog up for success.

Step One:  Initial Consult/Evaluation ($150 per hour)

Before a reactive or aggressive dog can join one of our popular classes designed for such dogs, it’s crucial that the owner(s) and their dog meet for a minimum of one private consult with Annie. Owners will receive hands on training on how to begin to teach their dog to relax, as well as an introduction to the key tools used in the our classes:  desensitizing and counterconditioning a dog around its triggers.

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Step Two: Choose a Behavior Modification Package

One Month of Training: 4 Private Sessions $400
This unique program is tailored to YOUR dog’s needs. Annie shows you the ground work needed to restore calm in your dog’s daily life. Learn the basics of counter-conditioning and de-sensitizing protocols that change your dog’s internal feelings about his or her triggers. Go from a lunging, out-of-control dog to sharing an enjoyable walk with a calmer walking companion at your side.

Two Months of Training: 8 Private Sessions ($800)
This program delves into helping aggressive, reactive or emotionally troubled dogs. We teach emotionally high-strung dogs to learn to trust the world again by using proven scientifically-backed training protocols. We engage your dog’s bright mind and big heart and set about creating a calm home and public life for your best friend. Even though most troubled dogs (including those with bite histories) can learn a new way of living that improves the home for everyone.

Step Three:  Train in Public Spaces with Annie ($125 per hour session)

Do you think that having a calm dog walking quietly next to you is a pipe dream? It isn’t! Dogs who work Annie’s scientifically backed program that involves zero pain, force or fear often become the BEST behaved dogs in town! Annie guides you and your dog every step of the way. She brings along her own well-trained dogs and you will be amazed at how quickly dogs can walk side by side in a public space.


Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography
Does your dog’s behavior look like this around other dogs? [Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography]
Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography
We can give you the tools to help your dog look like this instead! [Photo credit: Tica Clarke Photography]