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Work with award-winning author and trainer Annie Phenix. She helps with all behavioral concerns and never uses force, fear, pain, or intimidation.

Testimonial Category: Book Reviews

  • Niki Tudge

    Extensive in breadth and depth, Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs is an essential resource for anyone dealing with a dog’s behavioral and emotional welfare. Annie has included a wealth of advice and guidance for dog owners and professionals alike from a cross-selection of industry professionals.  This is a must-have resource for those working to…

  • Mikkel Becker

    This book is the ultimate resources on all things reward based, science-backed training that leaves dogs better off for it with long-lasting, life changing results. You don’t want to miss it!

  • Shay Kelley

    “A kinder and fairer way to communicate with reactive dogs, bring about long-lasting change, and build a beautiful relationship.”

  • Helen St. Pierre

    An imperative resource for any handler, whether novice or experienced, to ensure success and happiness between for many years to come.

  • Dr. Amy L. Pike

    This book is a much needed reference for dog owners, lovers, and trainers with reactive dogs. It not only explores the what and why of this common problem, but how we can treat it in a humane, force-free, and effective way.